Thursday, December 20, 2007

One Week Down!

I know several people have mentioned to me that they frequently check to see how Hunter is doing and to see new pictures. Well, the ones from the hospital on my camera aren't great. I will soon download pictures my mom took. There are some great ones there. Keep looking! They are coming soon. I promise.

The first week has been interesting. We have all learned a lot. Hunter is amazing. I can't believe how blessed we are! He is even better than I could have imagined! He sleeps very soundly. Sometimes he doesn't want to wake up to eat! One time we tried everything . . . singing, dancing, tickling, raspberries on the tummy, and even an ice pack and nothing worked. We are working on the whole eating thing. It is definitely a work in progress. Some days are better than others. Hunter loves to be swaddled. We put him in his "Swaddle Me" wrap and he was so happy for the longest time! He loves to swing in his swing, which is nice so Mommy can get a few things done. Hunter and Daddy play on the computer together which is so sweet to watch. Hunter is growing everyday! It's just amazing! I can't imagine anything better!

Oscar and Dixie are doing really good with Hunter. Oscar lets us know when Hunter is upset by barking while Hunter is crying (or screaming) which Oscar thinks is really helpful. They both come to sniff on Hunter anytime they can. They seem to be transitioning pretty easily, which is truly an answered prayer. My mom's and sister's dogs are doing well with him also.

Keep looking. I will get pictures up asap! I am getting itchy to get them into my computer too! Thankfully I can see his beautiful face anytime I want. More to come . . .

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