Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Push Toy Goes for a Swim

(Mama Bonk, this post may be too much for you and other germaphobe friends. . . just a warning!)

Hunter has a new fascination with the toilet. We have caught him several times opening the lid and trying to touch the water, or putting the toilet brush in the water, once he even put his juice cup in (it went straight to the dishwasher, no worries). Today, I found him with his singing push toy coming out of the toilet. What am I going to do with this kid?!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Fun Weekend in Arlington

We just got home from a visit to Arlington. We had lots of fun. Of course, everything is more fun with Mr. H around! Friday night, we drove in and had dinner with ALL of the Holloways. It has been awhile since all of Hunter's uncles have been together. Someone always has to work or has a softball game. Hunter and Joshua swam and had a great time in their matching swim trunks (sorry, the camera didn't make it out of the bag for this photo op).

Saturday, Jimmy played in the annual BEGE poker tournament with his college fraternity brothers. He came in 2nd for Player of the Year! Way to go! Aunt Maci and Joshua, Peyton, and Landen, came over for awhile and the boys had a fun playing together and practicing sharing. They really like to yell together. It was quite funny! My favorite part of the day was naptime. Always a favorite, but Hunter actually laid on the couch with me while "Cars" was on and fell asleep. Such a sweet cuddle time! We went to IHOP with Mimi and Papa for dinner and then came home and played a little more. Since dad got home late, Hunt was already in bed, but I did catch a picture of him waiting for daddy to come home. (He is standing in the window. He is a little climbing monkey!)Sunday, Jimmy drove home with Dixie and Wyatt while H and I stayed to play a little longer. We went swimming at Mimi's friend Teresa's house. He is just a little fish. I love that he has no fear of water. Sunday night I met my college roommate Sara for dinner. H was a little worn out at this point, but we had a great time catching up anyway.

Monday, H and I drove over to Frisco to see Becky and Jorja, Alysia and Holly. (I only got lost once on the way there, but Daniel set me straight, and thank goodness for my Iphone!) We went to the mall for Chic-fil-A and rode the carousel. I tell you what, H can't get enough of the "sorses". He loves them!! We rode three times and he was still upset when we had to get off because we were out of tokens. Hunter waved at Alysia, Becky, and Jorja everytime we passed them. After naptime, we went for a walk, then Holly came over. What fun to be with my girlfriends! It has been way too long. I love these girls! We spent more time talking than taking pictures, sadly.

(Is this blackmail worthy or what?!)

Tuesday, Hunter and I got up extra early to fly home. I was a little nervous to fly with such a busy boy, but he did great! Mimi helped get our luggage checked. She sure was sad to see H go home. We had the last row on the plane to ourselves, which was such a blessing! The man across the aisle had three kids, so he said listening to Hunter was music to his ears. Hunter spent most of the flight in his own seat wearing his big boy seatbelt. He got a little restless because he was so sleepy. It's hardwork keeping a 19 month old kiddo quiet on an airplane! Daddy was at the baggage claim to pick us up! What a fun thing to see my boys welcoming each other! It made my heart swell! We stopped for lunch and Granna just happened to be at the same restaurant! She had been missing her girl and baby boy! Then we came home and took a nice long nap.

Hunter in his own seat on the airplane

Thank you God for such a great weekend with friends and family and for safe travel home!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun at Joyland

We have been serving lunch to a group of middle school kids who are in Lubbock this week working with World Changers. Wednesday night, the city hosted an appreciation night at Joyland Amusement Park, so we and some of our friends, the Wolfs, decided to take our boys. I never could have imagined how much fun Mr. H would have. I tell you, he is a true dare devil! He especially loved riding with Daddy. Hunter loves horses ("sorse") so we guessed that he would enjoy the merry-go-round. Boy did he! He smiled his huge smile and laughed the entire ride! Hunter looked for Dad every time we went around and waved and laughed everytime he saw him (see video below). He rode several rides without mom or dad, just him and his friend Weston. He sat very still while the ride was going. Hunter especially loved the train around the park, which we all got to ride. He repeatedly said "choo-choo" the whole ride and laughed! He rode in a fire engine, a car, a spinny thing (of course, it is Joyland and everything spins!), and a helicopter. The kid even rode on a mini-roller coaster with Dad! I could barely see him, but Daddy held on tight. He signed "more" after the roller coaster. He did not want to get off of any of the rides. We will definitely have to go back again.

How cute is that little head sticking out of the window?

Despite the bored look, he loved the choo-choo

This smile is priceless.
No Dad, don't make me get off!

Thank you God for my boys, smiles, and laughter.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy and Me Swim Class

Hunter and I have been taking Mommy and Me swim classes at Tech the last two weeks and we loved it! Hunter learned how to kick, kick, kick, scoop his arms, and blow bubbles in the water. Well, actually, he just opened his mouth and put it in the water most of the time, but he's a little guy so it's okay. Swim class was at Tech's new leisure pool which is very nice and fun with a lazy river, fountains, a diving board and slide, and much more! Very cool! The weather was beautiful every morning, except one, but we still got to swim. Hunter got to to off the diving board two days. His teacher was waiting in the water as I dropped him slowly into the water. Hunter liked to jump off the ledge. . . one, two, three, JUMP! He was pretty good at this one! They gave us little bath toys everyday. One of our favorite things was to throw the toy and then swim over to it, with mom holding on to him. The last day was free swim. The current was turned on in the river, the fountains were all on, and we got to do whatever we wanted. We got to go early and we had a great time! We are sad that class is over. We loved swimming everyday and met some really nice people. Of course, we knew Belle and her mom. Also, one of my very good friends since 2nd grade, Averi, and her son were in our class. It was nice catching up with her. Thank you God for my son, beautiful weather, and swimming!

**This blog was edited with bigger pictures. Somehow I figured it out. Duh! :)