Friday, July 3, 2009

Mommy and Me Swim Class

Hunter and I have been taking Mommy and Me swim classes at Tech the last two weeks and we loved it! Hunter learned how to kick, kick, kick, scoop his arms, and blow bubbles in the water. Well, actually, he just opened his mouth and put it in the water most of the time, but he's a little guy so it's okay. Swim class was at Tech's new leisure pool which is very nice and fun with a lazy river, fountains, a diving board and slide, and much more! Very cool! The weather was beautiful every morning, except one, but we still got to swim. Hunter got to to off the diving board two days. His teacher was waiting in the water as I dropped him slowly into the water. Hunter liked to jump off the ledge. . . one, two, three, JUMP! He was pretty good at this one! They gave us little bath toys everyday. One of our favorite things was to throw the toy and then swim over to it, with mom holding on to him. The last day was free swim. The current was turned on in the river, the fountains were all on, and we got to do whatever we wanted. We got to go early and we had a great time! We are sad that class is over. We loved swimming everyday and met some really nice people. Of course, we knew Belle and her mom. Also, one of my very good friends since 2nd grade, Averi, and her son were in our class. It was nice catching up with her. Thank you God for my son, beautiful weather, and swimming!

**This blog was edited with bigger pictures. Somehow I figured it out. Duh! :)

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