Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rangers Game and More "Bay-Bah"

We took Hunter to a Rangers game a few weeks ago. We had so much fun! The weather was crazy (humidity, tornado watches, lightning, etc.). H looooovved the food so much! He ate almost a whole hot dog by himself, shared a large popcorn with Joshua (H was double-fisting the popcorn! Ha!), then he shared my lemon chill. How is he not huge?! He loves "bay-bah" (baseball) so what little he watched of the game, he seemed to enjoy. H spent most of the game walking around with his Mimi, Papa, and Joshua.
Mom, Dad, and Hunter before the game
First, he ate a hot dogThen, he started in on the popcorn. Oh, he loved the popcorn!

The crazy weather all around with a beautiful rainbow.

We celebrated Father's Day early on Saturday. Joshua, Peyton, and Landen came over with Jared and Maci. Uncle Daniel came over after his softball game. The boys had a blast playing baseball in the front yard. Hunter tried really hard to do the things Joshua did, but he was still a little small. He laughed everytime he and daddy hit the ball. Thank you God for cousins and baseball!

H and Joshua playing basketball

H and Daddy hitting the baseball.

Cousins having fun!

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Lori E. said...

Go Rangers!! It looks like you are having a fun summer and Hunter is just getting cuter and cuter. I love his curly hair!!