Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a pencil salesman, no, it's Superman!

I just had to post pictures of Hunt in his church outfit yesterday. He looked so cute that I just couldn't resist. Seriously, we have the CUTEST kid in the entire universe. Who could resist that smile?!
Today is our first official morning home together for the summer. My Superman found him a cozy spot this morning. I missed the picture where he was relaxed against the pillow wrapped up in the blanket. So precious! He has started carrying a blanket around the house around his shoulders like a king's robe. He has also fallen in love with his "orse" (horse). We took him to the horse races in Ruidoso last weekend and he loved watching the horses and tractors. Since then, he says "orse" often and plays with his plastic horse and rides his zebra. He even found a horse in a book from Nana and points at it everytime we read the horse page! So smart! His other new word (that I have discovered) is "ash" (pacifier). Silly goose loves the thing, especially when he is sleepy. You can probably tell by the pictures that Hunter finally had his first haircut. He looks so handsome. I will get pictures from Hunter's Aunt Sassy and Granna and post that another time. Happy Summer Hunter Fans! Be blessed!

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