Friday, May 22, 2009

The Life of Hunter

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? Crazy about him . . . head over heels crazy. Since my camera drowned, I haven't taken many pictures. Here's a few I've taken lately. The kid loves to eat. Sadly, he inherited the sweet tooth from mom and dad. He loves his veggies though so it's not too big of a deal.

He also inherited the sleeping gene from us too! I went to check on him a few nights ago and this is what I found. Sleeping sideways, foot hanging out the crib. I am so blessed that my kid loves to sleep! Everytime I look at him sleeping in his crib, I realize how big he is getting. He's not the tiny baby that was once there. I keep telling him to slow down!

One of his new favorite things to do is put on mom or dad's t-shirts that are laying around. Yes, there is laundry on the floor. Summer is here and the house will be cleaned. He is absolutely adorable walking around in our clothes. This is his cabinet where his cups are. He loves to play in them. Thankfully, he is decent at putting them back up. I always know he is thirsty when he starts drinking from an empty cup he has pulled out. So smart!

My baby is in Ruidoso without me. I'm going to say "so long Hunter fans" so I can hit the road to go hold my baby boy. Jimmy is sick with the flu. . . no, not swine, I promise. Blessings to each of you who reads this and loves my kid too!

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ashley said...

what a pumpkin! I love his hair in the first pic and his leg in the second. When did he get so big? It's not fair how fast it all goes by! good to see you thursday; you look gorgeous, as always!