Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Toy

Hunter really enjoys his new bouncy seat. It sings and lights up. He can sit there and be happy for quite awhile. The lights really hold his attention (he likes the tv screen and computer because of the lights too)! As you can see, his feet don't quite touch the ground yet, but we're getting close! He bops his head and moves around enough to make the music go though. Sometimes, his arms fall into the hole, but he doesn't seem to mind. Thank you Theresa for the bouncy! It's a lot of fun and a life saver for mom!

We love Bath Time

When Hunter was brand new he HATED bath time. He would scream and carry on. (I can't believe how tiny he was!) I didn't want to give him a bath because it made him so unhappy! Now. . .. . . He LOVES bath time. He gets in his tub and gets really relaxed at first (and often pees!). He loves to kick his feet and smile. His tub has a "shower head" attachment, which we love! He sits there until all the water is gone. We sing lots of songs while we bathe. The bath time song is the old hymn "What Can Wash Away our Sins". Then we sing other songs that pop into mom's mind. After bath time, we dry off and immediately come give daddy "clean sugars". Then we put on our diaper and jammys and rock for a little while. It is such a precious time. I look forward to bath time!

Splish Splash! H loves kicking in the bath tub!
We have found our hands in the last month. It is a common occurrence to see Mr. H with his hands in his mouth. We can usually tell how tired he is by the number of fingers he has shoved into his mouth. He can get all four in if he really tries. This is his self-soothing technique. I will often look at him and he is sleeping with his two middle fingers in his mouth. His daddy would be proud because it looks like he is giving a "Hook Em Horns" sign, but you could also say that his Poppa would be proud because he is eating a longhorn. The interpretation is up for grabs!

We have got the silliest, happiest kid in the whole world. We are so blessed!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We went to Arlington for Hunter's first Easter (14 wks). What a joy to spend time with family! Hunter's Mimi and Papa love him more than words can say and cherish every second with our little man. We got to spend more time than usual down there this time so we were able to get it lots of quality time! Daddy was sick with a sinus infection so he isn't in many pictures.
Uncle Daniel got to spend lots of time with Mr. H. Hunter was asleep when Daniel came in. When he woke up, Mimi took him and sat down to Uncle Dan. As soon as Hunter saw him, that bottom lip popped out and here came the tears! Of course, we had to laugh about it. After Hunter ate and woke up a little, he was much nicer to Daniel. Hunter loves his uncles, even if he is a little scared at first! (Our child is not always naked! He has become a big time drooler and his shirts are always wet, so we were letting him air out a little. He's our little stud muffin!)Mimi sure does love Mr. H. Hunter spent a lot of time hanging out in the kitchen while Mimi cooked. We wish Hunter could spend more time with his Mimi and Papa. They are absolutely in love with our cutie pie. (Who isn't!) Mimi got to hold Hunter during the Easter service at church. You could see the pride on her face! He was so good and quiet! The lady behind us commented on how well behaved Hunter was (and also how handsome he was. I have to admit, he looked quite dapper in his plaid overalls!) I was so glad he decided not to talk in the middle of the service. He has become quite the chatter box in the last week. He tells all kinds of stories, especially if he isn't getting the attention he wants! He doesn't use his quiet voice either! Hunter watched his cousin Joshua hunt Easter eggs at Mimi and Papa's house. I can't imagine how much fun he will be this time next year when he can find his own eggs!

Hunter and I drove to Grapevine to meet Alysia, Becky, and Miss Jorja for lunch at Cracker Barrel. What a blessing to have lifelong friends! Poor Miss J had an ear infection so she wasn't feeling too hot. Sharing life with these girls is one of my joys. We missed Holly though! They are true girlfriends (snap!) I was so proud for them to meet my precious little guy. I love that we have been through so many stages together, from pre-teen camp to adulthood and now motherhood.

Hunter hopes your Easter was as blessed as his was. He also loves comments (so does his mommy!)

Praise the LORD! He is risen!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

12 weeks.

Hunter is now 12 weeks old! He is a true joy! He is the happiest kid. We are so blessed. He smiles and laughs all the time. His hands are always moving. He has just become a big old chatterbox lately. He is holding his head up really well. He has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now. He is a sleeper like his Momma! Somedays, he will sleep most of the day and through the night. He weighs about 11 1/2 lbs. We are just in love with our little guy!