Sunday, March 30, 2008

We love Bath Time

When Hunter was brand new he HATED bath time. He would scream and carry on. (I can't believe how tiny he was!) I didn't want to give him a bath because it made him so unhappy! Now. . .. . . He LOVES bath time. He gets in his tub and gets really relaxed at first (and often pees!). He loves to kick his feet and smile. His tub has a "shower head" attachment, which we love! He sits there until all the water is gone. We sing lots of songs while we bathe. The bath time song is the old hymn "What Can Wash Away our Sins". Then we sing other songs that pop into mom's mind. After bath time, we dry off and immediately come give daddy "clean sugars". Then we put on our diaper and jammys and rock for a little while. It is such a precious time. I look forward to bath time!

Splish Splash! H loves kicking in the bath tub!
We have found our hands in the last month. It is a common occurrence to see Mr. H with his hands in his mouth. We can usually tell how tired he is by the number of fingers he has shoved into his mouth. He can get all four in if he really tries. This is his self-soothing technique. I will often look at him and he is sleeping with his two middle fingers in his mouth. His daddy would be proud because it looks like he is giving a "Hook Em Horns" sign, but you could also say that his Poppa would be proud because he is eating a longhorn. The interpretation is up for grabs!

We have got the silliest, happiest kid in the whole world. We are so blessed!


Becky said...

oh my goodness, that is so funny- if it is up to my interpretation I'm gonna have to go with Poppa on this one... definitely EATING a longhorn. HA! He is so cute and what a great mom you are for keeping him "modest" in the pictures! ha!

Natalie said...

you have to get a picture of the hook 'em!!! too funny!