Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zoo and Monsoons

Last weekend, we went to Arlington. We had a great weekend planned! Fort Worth Zoo Saturday morning, Rangers game Saturday night! Can you beat that?! No way!

Saturday started out pretty overcast and very humid. Hunter did great at the zoo. He's still a little young to notice and enjoy everything, but we had a great time, nonetheless. We went with Hunter's Mimi and Papa, Uncle Jared and Aunt Maci and cousins Joshua and the twins, Peyton and Landen, as well as Uncle Daniel. Hunter and I rode on the train with Maci and Joshua. Hunter smiled and laughed when the train started moving. He really enjoyed the bears! One was up and moving around. He watched him very closely. One of my favorite things was a gorilla sitting right up to the window, looking very grumpy. H walked up to him, tentatively, and looked at him real close. He decided that wasn't for him and he turned around and tried to get anyone close to pick him up, not realizing where mom and dad were. He went back and looked at Mr. Grumpy Gorilla a few times. Love it! About the time we finished up, we noticed that it looked like rain was coming in. We decided that we better head to the car before the rain started pouring. We had Hunter in his stroller, Joshua in the wagon, and Peyton and Landen in the double stroller. We had been walking about 2 minutes when the skies opened up . . . I mean, seriously, a downpour! We RAN to the car . . .soaking wet. . . and having a blast! We all made it to the car in one piece, thankfully. No one shrank or melted!

Hunter was asleep in his car seat before we left the parking lot. I guess we wore the poor kid out! We had planned on going to the Ranger game that night but decided that we had been wet enough for one day. Thanks Jared and Maci for the yummy burgers and fun time instead of the game! You're so sweet! :)

Sadly, I cannot post any pictures of our super fun zoo trip. Our nice new camera that I got for Christmas drowned in the monsoon. I got Hunter covered up so he wouldn't melt, but the camera was sacrificed in the process. So sad!

Thank you God for family, animals, and good times!

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ashley said...

so glad you had a good time- we missed you at potluck last week. and sorry to hear about the sacrificial camera!