Sunday, April 26, 2009

16 months

Hunter James is growing like a weed. He is busy busy busy all of the time. He n-e-v-e-r quits moving, even in his sleep. I think that is why he can eat so much and not gain much weight! He is a silly goose!
  • He knows several animal noises: "ooo" (cow), "oo oo oo" (monkey, which he can point at in his bedroom), "zzzz" (bee), "ha hoo" (a very monotone party animal). We have worked on puppy dog, but he isn't too interested in that noise. Strange considering he thinks he is a puppy dog.
  • He points at his belly button (and shows it), his eyes, ears, teeth, nose (you have to watch the order you ask, you can't ask nose then teeth, it's slightly problematic!), and feet.
  • You ask him where someone is and he will point and smile. If we are looking at a picture, he will tell you who is in it.
  • He loves to get his "DIAAAAA-puh" (diaper) changed.
  • He loves reading books and having them read to him.
  • He loves to go outside and play. He discovered that the ground gets hot last week and it startled him.
  • He's a great sleeper (like his mom and dad).
  • Hunter has learned that it is great fun to hold Wyatt by the beard. "Diss" (Dixie) is one of his favorite words and things.
  • He is cutting some big fat teeth right now, so he has been super grumpy and whiny for about a week. No fun for the grown-ups. When he wants something he points and says "nya" over and over. Spoiled a little?!
  • He l-o-v-e-s to throw "ba" (balls). In fact, everything is a ball and can be thrown.
  • Hunter loves Daddy's "aah" (hat). He wears it anytime he can, forward, backward, and sideways.
I'm sure there a million other little things I could post about my sweet boy, but I will have to end it here. Someday, I will post about our lunches on Wednesdays and other fun things we do. The countdown has begun. . . 21 days until summer! Yahoo! Man, we are blessed! Thank you God for my sweet little family.


Karis said...
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Karis said...

Such a sweet-sweet boy. Hope you all had a good weekend!

ashley said...

Love that pic at the end! he is such a sweetie

Becky said...

How sweet! LOVE YOU!!!