Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Day

I had today off! I love 4 day weekends! Hunter and I had a very fun day together doing a whole lot of nothing. Here are some highlights from our day:

Eating dog food
Climbing through the doggy door
Reading lots of books
Eating snacks
Taking a non-nap (meaning he stayed in his bed talking for about an hour)
Getting into everything he is not supposed to
Playing on mom and dad's bed
Torturing Dixie and Wyatt
Learned what a giraffe says (insert tongue here as giraffes don't have vocal chords)

Here's the highlight of my day. I was about to hang up Hunter's clothes in his closet (which didn't get finished by the way) when I realize that my sweet busy boy has disappeared. I go to follow him when I hear a dog-like noise coming from our bedroom. I walk in to find Hunter face in the dog's water bowl getting a drink. Sigh. After a good talking-to and face wash, we got on with our day. Granna knows what a struggle it is to keep this boy out of the dog food. What do I do with this kid?! I love my days home with this crazy kid!

1 comment:

ashley said...

if the boy wants dog food, just let him eat dog food. Isn't it high in protein? = )