Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Fun at Joyland

We have been serving lunch to a group of middle school kids who are in Lubbock this week working with World Changers. Wednesday night, the city hosted an appreciation night at Joyland Amusement Park, so we and some of our friends, the Wolfs, decided to take our boys. I never could have imagined how much fun Mr. H would have. I tell you, he is a true dare devil! He especially loved riding with Daddy. Hunter loves horses ("sorse") so we guessed that he would enjoy the merry-go-round. Boy did he! He smiled his huge smile and laughed the entire ride! Hunter looked for Dad every time we went around and waved and laughed everytime he saw him (see video below). He rode several rides without mom or dad, just him and his friend Weston. He sat very still while the ride was going. Hunter especially loved the train around the park, which we all got to ride. He repeatedly said "choo-choo" the whole ride and laughed! He rode in a fire engine, a car, a spinny thing (of course, it is Joyland and everything spins!), and a helicopter. The kid even rode on a mini-roller coaster with Dad! I could barely see him, but Daddy held on tight. He signed "more" after the roller coaster. He did not want to get off of any of the rides. We will definitely have to go back again.

How cute is that little head sticking out of the window?

Despite the bored look, he loved the choo-choo

This smile is priceless.
No Dad, don't make me get off!

Thank you God for my boys, smiles, and laughter.


ashley said...

so cute! I cannot believe how big he is getting!

Becky said...

love it. I'm not sure who is having more fun - Dad or Hunter! so adorable. Good thing he enjoyed it - growing up in Lubbock he will spend MANY days and nights there! :) Maybe that's where he'll go on his first date with Jorja... I'll warn her to be sure and take some Dramamine before she goes, just in case she's anything like me! HAHA! :)