Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Four weeks old

Hunter is growing so fast! He is four weeks old now . . . time is really flying! Hunter is trying to hold his head up like a big boy. He is becoming more alert all the time. He is a very happy baby, unless he's hungry. We are so blessed! Hunter is attempting to sleep in his pack n play at night, which is a nice change for this momma! He is precious beyond words.

We've had lots of company over the last weeks. Hunter's Mimi and Papa came and stayed for a week. This was so nice, especially in the mornings. When Mimi got up early, momma got to go sleep for a few hours. Hunter misses them already. Uncle Jared, Aunt Maci, and Joshua came and stayed for a few days. Hunter seems so little next to his big cousin. Someday they will have so much fun playing together! We will be making a trip to Arlington this weekend to meet Hunter's other uncles.

Well, Mr. H is fussing so I will have to finish later. I have more pictures on our other camera and my mom's camera so more to come soon. Sorry it has been so long since I last posted!

What a big boy! He enjoys lying in the boppy next to mom.

Holding up his head so bigwhile Granna holds him
First time sleeping in the pack n play. So little!

Daddy and his little man.

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