Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hunter is growing like a weed. He is just as precious as ever and loved to pieces. Here are some highlights from Hunter at 3 months. I fell a little behind!

Hunter got a taggies rattle for Easter. It provides him great entertainment. He loves the mirror especially. He has a mirror over his changing table and lets Momma know if he can't see it.
Hunter got a walker at Granna's house. It has Pooh toys on it. The kid is so smart!! He loves to spin the Tigger ball and move the little knobby balls up and down. He likes anything that he can spin and lights up. It provides a few minutes of free time for mom and dad. He loves sitting up. He's trying to do it on his own now. The other day, he was sitting in his vibrating chair while momma was getting ready and he reached out, grabbed the corner of the wall and tried to pull himself up. Of course, he was seatbelted in and couldn't go anywhere, but he sure tried. Our little man also loves standing up. Here he is standing by himself holding on to the couch cushion. If he is in our laps, he would rather be standing than lying down. He's got strong little legs! It's so cute to see someone so tiny standing up!

Hunter went to his first birthday party a few weeks ago. We celebrated Kamber's second birthday at the Science Spectrum. Well, Mr. H is a party pooper. He didn't quite make it through the party. He crashed about the time we got cake and ice cream. What a silly kid!
More to come when I can type better and someone isn't kicking my keyboard shelf in every two seconds! I'll tell you all about the start of 4 months. Have I mentioned how blessed we are?


Becky said...

oh you are so blessed. He is just precious. I love watching him grow. I can't wait to see you both again!!!

Natalie said...

James has the exact same walker at the office!

Yeah for updates!!! He is really growing.