Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to Miami!

We just got back from Miami visiting Jimmy's family. What a blessing that we were able to get down there. Jimmy's Nanny and Papa just fell in love with Mr. H (as everyone does!). It was a joy to watch them interact and play.

We left Monday afternoon and drove to Arlington. We spent the night and got up too early Tuesday morning and went to the airport. Mr. H didn't sleep much Monday night so thankfully, he was nice and tired for the flight. We were very nervous about flying with Hunter. I really didn't want to be the people no one wants to be around with the crying baby. We prayed that God would allow this trip to be easy for Hunter and if not, that God would put someone understanding next to us. God truly answers prayers. Hunter slept for about 2 hours (almost the whole flight) and played the rest of the way. Prayer #1 answered. As for prayer #2, the man sitting next to us has 6 kids, the youngest is 3 weeks! Not only that, but he was reading a Christian book. Another answered prayer! God is good!

We went straight to Nanny and Papa's house from the airport. The weather was beautiful! Hunter had a great time meeting new family and letting them fall in love with his precious smile! Hunter found a new toy in Nanny's big remote control. Of course, everything goes straight into his mouth right now. Who needs toys anyway?! Thank you Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Robert for letting us stay at your house and feeding us such yummy food (especially the mushrooms! Ha!!) and for nice warm showers! ;)

The trip home was fairly uneventful, if you count a broken down plane, (never good when flying stand-be) a stop at security (never try to fly with an expired drivers license!) and a sleepy baby uneventful! Really, he was so easy to travel with! He charmed the flight attendant and several other passengers on the plane with his big smile. We were exhausted and took a nap when we got back to Arlington which gave Papa (Jimmy's dad) some quality time with Mr. H. We went to a Rangers game Thursday night! Momma loves Ranger games! I highly recommend the all-you-can-eat seats! How fun. It was really windy like West Texas! We felt right at home! Thankfully, the Rangers looked good and won! We tried to get Hunter on TV, but they were already booked full. Jim Knox was close by and Papa told him that it was his grandson's first baseball game. Shucks! That would have been so much fun! Hunter looked adorable in his new Rangers outfit.

We had a blast seeing family and spending time with people we love. We are glad to be home, but it was good to see and spend time with family!! Thank you God for giving us such loving family!
(Hunter's Granna and Poppa and Aunt Sassy were glad to see Mr. H. They said he grew too much while we were gone. Oscar Bob and Dixie were happy for us to come home too!)

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