Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I have to brag on Jimmy a little. I have the BEST husband in the entire world! I had a little bit of a busy week. I had close to 5 million papers to grade throughout the week. Jimmy spent 3 hours Tuesday night grading papers with me. No tv. Just the 2 of us and a stack of papers! I couldn't have done it without him. I think he kept me from a panic attack! Ha!

Friday, I got home from work to find the house cleaned. What a blessing! There were beautiful pink tulips in the kitchen (my favorite) and the sweetest card! We got to get all dressed up and went to Double Nickel Steakhouse just the 2 of us. He arranged for H to spend the night at Granna's. I got to sleep in until 11 this morning! I can't tell you the last time I did that! I love sleeping so that was a big gift. We hung out with our sweet boy this afternoon. All of this after we discussed not doing anything or buying gifts for Valentines! Thank you God for such an amazing husband!

I am a lousy wife. I didn't buy Jimmy a gift so I made dinner Saturday night. One of his favorites, spaghetti. I also did the dishes! Usually, I cook and he cleans. Sorry I'm not such a good cook, Babe.

You know I can't write a blog without a mention or picture of Hunter so here you go! Tonight was H's first experience with spaghetti! This was also the first time he has actually eaten off of his plate. In the past when I tried to serve him on a plate, he has dumped it onto his tray and thrown the plate on the floor. He did a great job and didn't get TOO messy. He is such a great eater! My kid is growing so fast!

I love both of my boys so much I think my heart might explode!


Natalie said...

my kids love spagetti night around here! H was very neat. I can't believe he will still wear a bib. Both of my kids would have rather torn their heads off than keep on a bib by one year old.

happy valentines day to you all!

ashley said...

what sweet boys you have!!