Friday, March 12, 2010

February in Hunter World

February was a busy month for Hunter. For Granna's birthday, we went bowling. Hunter didn't quite understand that he had to take turns. Everybody's turn was "Tunter's turn." He did great!

We couldn't find Elmo and blanket the other night when spending the night at Granna's. Elmo and blanket are must-haves at bedtime. When we went to look for our bedtime friends, this is what I found. Elmo decided he needed to watch a movie like Hunter, I guess. The imagination of this kid blows me away! Elmo also likes Hunter's paci when we are getting ready for bed. Oh Elmo, don't be silly!

For Momma's big 3-0 birthday, we went with some friends up to Ruidoso and had an amazingly wonderful time. One of the best things we did was going out and sledding. Hunter has a ridiculously bad momma who forgot to pack his coat and gloves. Who does that?! He is layered though so no worries. Hunter's sweet friend, Kamber, let her borrow her coat and he is wearing momma's gloves. Nothing tacky about this kid! Ha!!

Hunter and Daddy getting ready for a ride down the hill.

My favorite pizza in the world. Sharing it with Hunter is a special thing. I love this kid more than words can express. He lights up my life with his constant laughter and funny sayings. One of his most recent things is to show us how fast he is. When it is time to change his diaper, he will stand at the other end of the hall, yell, "Momma, ready?" and then "I past (fast)" and then he runs down the hall as fast as his little legs will go, sometimes screaming, then he falls into my arms and laughs.

I love his little vocabulary right now. He doesn't quite get the verbs yet. For example, the other night when Jimmy was getting ready to put him to bed, he said, "I peep Momma" (I sleep with Momma). We were going to eat with the family Monday night. We always go through a list of the people who will be there. This past Monday, he told us, "I eat Tita Bobby". Very cute. What a blessing this kid is!

He is already in love with "baby brother". We can't just call the baby "brother." Hunter corrects us everytime. He loves to kiss my tummy and say, "Love you baby brother." Almost every night, he pulls my shirt up and lays his face on my tummy. It melts me every time!

One of my most favorite things about Hunter right now is how he says his name. He is "Tunter Jays Tallyay."

He can count (most of the time) to 10, sometimes to 5, it depends on his mood. We are working on memorizing a few verses. If we say "Obey" he follows up with "Obey Momma Daddy." (Yes, we are using that verse to our benefit!). We working on "This is the . . . (day), that the Lord has. . . (made). . . I will (rejoice). . . and be glad (in it). He just fills in the blanks, but he does it so well! It makes me smile everytime.

I wanted one more picture on here of Hunter wearing his daddy's shoes, because that is one of his favorite things to do right now, but it wouldn't load for some reason. I tried several times. Maybe it will show up if I try again later.

Thank you God for my precious son and how he is growing up and learning so much and making us smile everyday! He is a joy!

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