Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun in Fall 2010

We've just been having fun lately at the Holloway house. There's no real rhyme or reason to these pictures, they just make me smile. I adore these boys!

Hunter decided to put on his daddy's shoes and socks (first picture) then he wanted to add his Tech jersey (second picture). He is constantly making me laugh!!

Hunter and Tanner's first bath together in the big boy bathtub. Hunter loved helping me bathe Brother.

It seems like all of my pictures of Tanner are in the stroller or car seat. Here's my clean boy. I love clean sugars from my frog prince.

Tanner rolled over on his 4 month birthday. He is a stubborn kid and won't do it for the camera. We were working on it here. His eyes are beautiful!

Thursday (11/04) Tanner had his first rice cereal. He didn't love it but it sure was fun!

I love it when my boys match. These jammies make this momma very happy! These boys make this momma swell with pride and joy and love.

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ashley said...

they are too cute! can't believe how big and beautiful tanner's eyes are. you have so much to be proud of!