Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter at the Holloway House

Happy Easter from the Holloways! We had a great weekend. Hunter and Jimmy took a guys day on Friday. They went to lunch, Main Event, and to the park to play baseball. After nap, we all went to a Tech softball game and saw our friend, Spencer. Saturday, we had fun just spending time together around the house. Sunday, we went to church. My boys all looked so handsome! I'm a sucker for matching boys (or at least coordinating). Their hats just about made me giddy! We went to Aunt Jody's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. We closed our weekend by dying eggs. What a sweet day and sweet memories. Thank you God!
Tanner's first Easter. He is more precious than words can say. He wouldn't leave his hat on, this is the best I got with the hat.
We have seen this silly face often. He wanted the camera. Check out those 2 big bottom teeth!
Brotherly love. Hunter had good intentions. He loves his brother, but Brother wasn't having it.
My handsome big boy. Wow! When did he get so big?! He's going to be a heart breaker for sure!

T was cracking us up! When he sat in the grass, he would try to hold up one of his legs, like he didn't like the feel of the grass. So funny!
One of Hunter's finds at Aunt Jody's. Everyone was very impressed with his baseball skills.
Again, he's holding up his leg. What a hoot! I love this picture!
Hunter and Daddy had a great time dying Easter eggs. We may have found a new tradition!
Thank you God for these amazing boys. I'm one blessed momma!

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