Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Fun Day

Last Thursday, was a fun day for Hunter and Momma.

Aunt Tita invited Granna, Momma, and Hunter to pick apricots with her. Momma loves loves loves apricots so we jumped at the opportunity! There is nothing better than apricots right off the tree! I learned this at an early age when I would stay with my Aunt Jody and Unc. They had an apricot tree hanging over the fence into their yard. We would go pick apricots and eat them. Yummy! This is one of my favorite memories of a man I loved dearly and miss dearly. He loved me too! I know he would have loved my Hunter so much. Sigh.
While we were there we took a few pictures for Hunter's 7 month birthday. He's growing too fast! It's amazing watching him grow and change so quickly!

Daddy had Guys Night with our friends from church so Momma and Mr. H had dinner with Granna, Poppa, and Aunt Sassy. We did a shrimp boil . . . lots of messy fun! No plates or silverware! Just eat off the newspaper! Love something different!

After dinner Mr. H went swimming in the hottub again with Momma, Aunt Sassy and Poppa. He loved the waterfall part! He is so much bigger than he was the first time he swam. He can sit up in the seat now without leaning. He had a really good time playing, but tuckered out pretty quickly. He has the most beautiful wet eyelashes! Ridiculous! Any girl should be jealous! Ha!!

Have I mentioned that I am crazy about this kid?! Man, we are so blessed!! We thank God for apricots, yummy food, family, and beautiful evenings.

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