Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not Much Going on the Holloway House

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This is a post to tell you that not a lot has been happening in the world of the Holloways, thus, no recent posts.

Here's a snippet of the not so interesting:

A Visit to see Dad and Poppa at work:
Hunter is quite the business man. He loves "typing" on the computer. While he was in Poppa's lap, he quit typing long enough to grab the red pen off Poppa's desk. In the process of putting it in his mouth (as everything goes into the mouth of course) he decided to decorate his face a little. No worries. Although it looks like my child is bleeding, it is actually just red ink on his precious face.
Fourth of July:
We had fun with friends. A beautiful West Texas evening. Good burgers and brats and fireworks. Mr. H went without a nap all day (his choice, not ours). He finally fell asleep on my chest during fireworks. The first few pops scared the little man, but once he realized there were pretty lights going with the loud noises, he was fine and watched attentively (until he fell asleep of course). During the course of the evening, it escaped me to take pictures of Hunter's first 4th. I will post one when I get it emailed to me!

The Army Crawl:
Hunter has successfully mastered the art of the Army Crawl. He can move! It's tough keeping up with him sometimes! He pushes himself with his left leg while the right leg acts as a rudder turning him wherever he sees something interesting. If there is something he doesn't need, like shoes in his mouth, that is the first place he goes. We have had to move the surround sound receiver because it was a magnet for our mover and shaker. He doesn't have his knees under him yet, but it probably won't be long. Mr. H is a busy bee!

There is a cuter video of him army crawling, but it wouldn't load! Shucks!

He has even mastered the kitchen step a few times. I have watched him gets his arms up on the step then pull the rest of his body up onto the tile. Having a moving baby makes you realize how much cleaner your house could be! Yikes!

Fun at the Park:
We have been to the park a few times recently. We went with our church for hot dogs and fellowship Sunday night. Mr. H had an explosive poop. (My apologies to all who had to witness the catastrophe). Of course, he was wearing his back-up outfit so we had to leave early.

Every Tuesday we meet the girls from Sunday School and Hunter's friends at the park for lunch. Today, as we were finishing our lunch, it started raining. Hunter was not in his stroller at the time so Momma held the kid a little tighter, grabbed the stroller and made a mad dash for the car. Mr. H thought that was lots of fun! Now, after putting up a good fight, he is finally down for a nap. Let's pray he sleeps for more than an hour, but I'm not thinking that will happen.

So far we have eaten peas, zucchini, green beans and spinach. It seems that Hunter's favorite is spinach followed closely by zucchini. On to the yellows!
Mr. H will turn 7 months in just a few days. . . . where has the time gone. I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with him this summer.

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