Monday, October 6, 2008

Have I Mentioned . . .

I love these guys. They are my pride and joy.
There is nothing more special than seeing the two of them playing together.
No one can make Mr. H laugh like his daddy.

Sundays have always been nap days in my world. I function better throughout the week with my Sunday afternoon nap. I am so blessed to have a husband who lets me have my Sunday nap uninterrupted. Jimmy goes in when Hunter wakes up from his nap and they play until Momma wakes up. He won't even let me turn on the monitor in the bedroom so I don't hear Hunter when he wakes up. This is such a huge blessing!!

I love to sneak in when the two of them are playing or rocking and just watch my two guys hanging out, spending time together. Jimmy is just crazy mad in love with this kid. We both are! It's a little ridiculous.

Thank you Jimmy for being such an amazing husband and daddy. I love you.

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Room For More said...

Love this pic--so cute of your boys! Even if Jimmy is in it! :)

Boy...people who don't know Jimmy's and my relationship will really think I'm wretched. ; 0

Seriously though...sweet pic!