Friday, December 19, 2008

Life with Hunter

Each day is a new adventure with our sweet boy. I wake up never knowing what to expect out of our silly goose. Here are a few examples of his silliness:

Saturday morning Jimmy's family was in town for H's birthday party. H wakes up, I give him some milk and put him back to bed, per our normal Saturday morning routine. He was mostly asleep when I laid him back in his bed. I crawl my sleepy self back into my warm, comfortable bed looking forward to a little more sleep. About 5 minutes later I hear a "thud" through the monitor. Hunter is known to throw his pacifiers out of the bed when he doesn't want to be in his crib. He wasn't fussing or talking, so the "thud" was unexpected. I know the sound of the pacifier falling, it definitely was not the pacifier. I jump out of bed, with no regard for Uncle Nate sleeping on the couch, and run (yes, flat out run) across the house to find my sweet, barely one year old sitting on the floor in his room looking around. He started crying once he saw me. Silly goose! I had never seen him even attempt this before. I guess he learned his lesson. It doesn't have to be said, but daddy and Uncle Nate lowered the crib that night. No more kamikaze baby around these parts!

Another example of H's silly life:
Today at lunch with Granna and Aunt Sassy, I had a root beer. Mr. H took the straw in his mouth and started drinking. Thankfully the cup was almost empty because I think he would have finished it off. Somehow, the silly goose learned how to drink out of a straw overnight. We have tried several other times with no luck. Now, out of the blue, he can do it without any hesitancy! He has been drinking out of a straw all day. Oh my, he is getting too big!

I have been a little on the grumpy side today. No reason, just a grumpy day. After bedtime Hunter kept waking up and fussing so Jimmy went to check on him. H and I sat on the couch for a little while cuddling. Hunter decided to be very silly. He started giving tummy raspberries and laughing his big belly laugh. After we laughed and laughed at his silliness, I told him that it was time to go back to bed. He could either lay on the couch with me for a few minutes or go back to bed. Then the goose started trying to fake me out by putting his head part of the way down then pulling it back up and laughing. I was rolling! I truly needed a good laugh tonight. God gives such sweet times when I need it the most. He is just my joy! Hunter's laughter is truly the best medicine for a grumpy momma!

Hunter now has 4 teeth. The second one on top finally cut. It didn't seem to bother him nearly as badly as the other top tooth did. The bottom 2 just popped right in without any problems.

I just thought I would share a few of Hunter's newest achievements with the members of his fan club. (Can you call crib jumping an achievement?) I say it again and again, we are truly and absolutely blessed beyond measure.

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