Monday, January 12, 2009


I was ready to post new pictures from our recent trip to the Cotton Bowl, Galleria, etc. I got a new camera from my sweet husband for Christmas. I downloaded the software that came with the camera and initiated the download. Well, something happened and the software didn't work correctly and my pictures are gone. I have lost my pictures. Here is a list of what would have been in this post if my computer/camera/software had not gone berserkers on me.
1. Hunter, Momma, and Daddy in our Cowboy jerseys (maybe this is good since Momma didn't have on make-up!) Still cute pics of my boys!
2. Before/After pics of our house after Christmas
3. Jimmy and I at the Cotton Bowl
4. Sweet pics of friends Holly, Becky and Sweet Miss Jorja at the Galleria.
I am bummed out that I lost these pics. Sigh. So much for updating the blog.

This is a Christmas pic, but I love it. Blogs without pictures are boring. I had to add one!

As for Mr. H. He is really working on walking. Today he has become a brave boy taking more steps and becoming more steady on those legs. He has 4 teeth, which are sharp (ask Granna!) Words are coming slowly but surely. He recently learned what a cow says but doesn't quite get the "m" sound so it is just "oo". He is good at Dada, but refuses to say Momma. He did give in today. At lunch, he said "my dada, mamama." It works for me! Life is fun around these parts. Hunter is full of laughs and sillies all day long! I sure wish I had pictures to share with you. Pictures or not, we are blessed.

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