Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Update (13 months)

We are just having a blast in the 2009! Hunter is walking everywhere. We can't keep up! He is busy busy busy all of the time. He is a true joy to us all! Hunter finally hit 20 lbs a few weeks ago. Such a big boy! He eats like a champ. It's a wonder he isn't bigger than he is! He loves giving slobber kisses and petting the dogs (Oscar is not amused by Hunter). He loves phones and remote controls. He has a gazillion toys, but only wants to play with the things he isn't supposed to, like cell phones, the tv, the doggy door, etc. What a mess! We are head over heels in love with this kid!

Hunter went to his first Tech basketball game. As always, he did awesome! He is a trooper! I'm always surprised at how well he does when we are out. We were out of the house for a long time and missed a nap. Mr. H never got fussy! I love sharing the things I enjoy with my sweet boy! We did spend most of the second half walking around the arena in the stroller, but it wasn't much of a game so it didn't matter much!

Hunter has found a new toy. An orange Toy Story cone from Jimmy and my visit to Disney on Ice several years ago. He LOVES it! He talks into it, like a megaphone. He loves anything that makes his voice loud (even shoes!). He puts it on his head. He chews on the end. Also, as you can see in the picture, he has discovered his tongue. It has been out of his mouth most of the last few days. He walks, plays, crawls, reads, does just about everything with his tongue out.

He has started saying "Uh-oh" when he drops something or runs into something. Very very cute. The problem is that our Dixie dog is very very sensitive to that word and runs and hides when he starts saying it. What are we going to do with these 2?! He will tell you that a cow says "ooooo". We are working on other animal noises, but H is only interested in the cow's moo right now. We are also working on pointing to various body parts, but he isn't very interested in that either. It will come! He will occasionally show you where his teeth are, but that's about it. Bath time is one of his favorite times. We will follow him as he walks around the house. Several times, he has walked to the tub and tried to climb in. He is working on saying "bath". Very cute!

Our times with our sweet boy are so blessed. He is full of laughs and smiles all of the time. God truly blessed us with this kiddo!

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ashley said...

He is such a cutie! I love how he eats his peas, one at a time but with the whole hand! so sweet! it was good to see you guys yesterday!