Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kiss Me, I'm (a little) Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day members of the Hunter fan club!

We are l-o-v-i-n-g Spring Break. The weather has been beeeautiful! H and I are just hanging out, running errands, doing some spring cleaning, etc. Yesterday, while waiting for our taxi to come pick us up (aka Granna) because I hadn't been cleared to drive yet, Hunter, Dixie, and I spent a little time outside. FYI, I have the most handsome young man around. He looked like the cutest little man in the whole world! I'm no fashionista, but I must say, he looked pretty sharp! I love my job for this reason, I get these little breaks to spend with my kiddo. Happy Spring Break friends. I pray it is blessed for each of you, just as we feel so blessed here at the Holloway house.

Above: St. Patrick's Day 2009
Below: St. Patrick's Day 2008
When did my baby turn in to a little boy?!

Some Hunter Updates:
*Words: Uh-oh, Up, Poppa, Daddy, Dixie, yes, please (mostly signs, but signs "cheese" instead of please, whatever, he's communicating. I know what he means!)
*Hunter loves to dance (he does a great happy dance, has started a new washing the hair type move, and has started spinning. He doesn't get his moves from his momma!)
*He loves cars. He rides his rider/pusher car around the house making car noises. Very cute. He likes playing with his garage, especially now that he has seen his big friend Talyn do it.
*He loves phones. Anytime Jimmy is home, Hunter has his phone. He carries it around and talks on it. He knows how to make it light up. He knows a real phone from a fake because he knows how to turn all of the lights on. He has made several accidental phone calls. He puts cars, shoes, his cup, etc., up to his ear and says "hello" (well, I'm sure that what he's saying! Ha!) and laughs. He has the BEST laugh in the entire world.
*He loves playing with anything and everything that he is not supposed to: dog food, the remote to the massage chair, picture frames, the tv remote (for some reason, it always ends up on QVC when he grabs the remote. I don't get it!), and the doggy door (some day he is going to actually go through it, I'm certain!)
*He loves to eat. The kid loves his veggies and sweets! He gets so excited at meal time. Someday I will get a picture of his excited face. It's hilarious! He has also figured out how to open the pantry and has gotten himself a snack once or twice. I guess it is time to baby proof the pantry! I'm afraid that means mommy proofing it too!
*The kid runs everywhere! It's tough keeping up.

Helping pull weeds. (Yes, Dixie is wearing a pretty green scarf. She didn't want to get pinched!)
H making his car noise.

My precious big boy riding his turtle on a beautiful spring day. What a smile!

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ashley said...

I heart this little boy! Glad you are enjoying spring break!