Friday, November 6, 2009

My Punkin at the Pumpkin Patch

Hunter has been intrigued by the pumpkin patch near our house. Everytime we drive by, he points out the window. We took him on Halloween to see the pumpkins and take some pictures. Well, Mr. H is one busy fella and taking pictures is not always easy. I seem to end up with lots of pictures of the back of his head as he is moving away to his next destination. I got some great shots. Here are just a few.
H loved the tiny pumpkins. Of course, he thought the were balls and needed to be thrown, so we had to move away from them quickly.

Hunter repeatedly tried to pick up the pumpkins. He was drawn to the largest pumpkins in a pile. So strong!

A sweet family photo.
Momma and Hunter. I love this kid and his "cheese" face.

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Mrs. Sugarbear said...

What a precious little man! I love pumpkin patch pictures...