Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I realized recently that it has been a very long time since I wrote anything about the happenings in Hunter's life. Hopefully I can get caught up!

Halloween (I told you it's been a long time!)
Hunter's Mimi and Papa came to Lubbock. Jimmy and I went to a Tech football game while the three of them played, and played, and played. We took Hunter to our church's festival. He l-o-v-e-d the bounce house. I had to grab him by the ankle to pull him out. As I was putting his shoes back on, he tried to run away and get back in to jump some more. He also had fun on the tricycle course. That weekend, Hunter also discovered that he can crawl out of his crib. That made for a long Sunday with no nap for Momma. Thankfully, after about a week of letting himself out of bed and turning off his monitor, he decided it wasn't really worth the effort and has stopped climbing out. I guess it's time to start looking at big boy beds.

Polar Express
Hunter's most recent obsession is "choo-choos". We recorded Mickey Mouse Clubhouse's Choo-Choo Express. He asks to watch it 20 times a day. He watches Polar Express all day at Granna's. Surprisingly, he even sits still for a little while when watching! We heard that the Polar Express Train was coming to town, so we decided to make it a family outing. Sadly, Hunter decided at that time to cut 4 teeth at the same time, so he was not the happiest of riders on the train. We had a great time though! Hunter wore his Christmas pajamas. We had hot cocoa (which got spilled on Jimmy), sugar cookies, sang Christmas carols, danced, and had lots of fun riding on the train. We rode all the way to the North Pole where we found Santa and his elves dancing. They joined us on the train and talked to all of the little boys and girls and Santa gave Hunter a bell. We will definitely put this on our holiday to-do list again!

We went to Arlington for Thanksgiving this year. Jimmy's Nanny was in from Miami so that made the holiday special. Hunter and Joshua had a great time playing in the cul-de-sac, as always. I had to be a mean momma and bring Hunter in from the fun to take a nap. Hunter got to spend a day with Mimi and Papa without mom and dad around, which is always fun. We went to the Tech/Baylor game. The stadium is amazing! We are sure thankful this year for all that God has blessed us with. I just stand amazed at His goodness to us!

Hunter's vocabulary has just exploded over the last few weeks. He surprises every day with new words and new terms. Today's new word was cheese toast (clear as day). He has said it before, but it was in no way clear enough for most people to understand. H asks for grilled cheese for almost every meal. He loves his juice. He loves his puppies (Wyatt (Yie) and Dixie (Dictie) and Tucker, Toby, and Moo Moo (Maggie). Today, he was trying to put a hat on each of them and told them repeatedly to "meer" (come here). Very cute!

Hunter has also started using the potty. He will occasionally tell us when he needs to go. We are not rushing him to potty train in any way. He is doing this mostly on his own. He likes to sit on the potty. He gets fruit tractor chews when he goes. Great motivator for this boy!
This kid has my heart. I just melt every day. He is full of hugs and kisses and laughter. He is a clown that has his momma and daddy wrapped around his little finger. We can't believe he is almost 2! Where has the time gone!?

We are so blessed!

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