Friday, May 14, 2010

Cowboy Hunter

My school had Texas Day last week. Granna and Daddy were out of town and Momma had to be with her class, so Aunt Sassy took Hunter to play. Not all 2 year olds got to take part in the fun of Texas Day. Hunter wore his red cowboy hat and had so much fun playing. I loved having him there since he loves horses, tractors, and playing. Thanks Aunt Sassy for having fun with Hunter.
Hunter found Momma's class and ran over to see me. He melts my heart. There is nothing like seeing your sweet boy running toward you in a cowboy hat! I love it!!
Hunter went on a hayride around campus. He got to ride on the saddle the whole time. Thanks Sass for taking pictures.

This is Hershey. Hunter adores horses and so this was a very special treat for him to get to sit on a horse. I am pretty sure he has never gotten to do this before. He has seen horses from a distance and has petted a horses nose near Daddy's work, but he has never gotten to sit on one.
Momma's class was making their own brands so Hunter made one too. He wasn't overly interested, but Momma (and her students) loved having him there. I love showing this kid off!
Sassy helped Hunter roast a marshmallow. I'm pretty sure that he had the best marshmallow of the day. Most of them were burned, but thanks to Aunt Sassy, Hunter's was perfectly toasted. Please excuse the hair, it was very windy that day.
Hunter enjoying his marshmallow. He took a good, long nap that afternoon. What a blessing to work at a place that understands my love for my kid and lets him come play, even when the activities are for the big kids. Thanks Sassy for helping sweet Tunter have such a fun day.

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