Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

I apologize for the lateness of the Easter post. Better late than never. . . . right? We had a fun-filled weekend in Arlington this year. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo, an Easter egg hunt, and as Hunter says, we "played, played, played." I love that Hunter is old enough to enjoy many of the things we enjoy. He is such a joyful kid, always laughing, smiling, and loving. He has got his momma and daddy wrapped around his little finger. I really can't explain the first picture. He is a goofball through and through and I love this picture. What a clown.
On the Thursday before Easter, Hunter's PDO class had an Easter egg hunt on the playground. I gave my camera to one of my fellow teachers at school and hid around a corner to watch him find the eggs and play. I didn't want to upset him. He threw several eggs and laid in the gravel. He was precious, nonetheless.
This picture is one of my very favorites from the weekend. Hunter and Uncle Daniel were good buddies at the zoo. We were at the hippo exhibit so Hunter and Daniel were showing me their hippo mouths.

Hunter trying out the stagecoach in the Texas area of the zoo. I adore those curls!!
Saturday, we went to church with Jared and Maci and the boys for an Easter egg hunt. Hunter couldn't quite keep up with Joshua and the bigger kids. Hunter loves his cousin. He loves playing with him and asks about him often. The weather was beautiful and the kids had so much fun together.
Sweet cousins holding hands.

Hunter looking for eggs. I love this smile.

All of the Holloway boy cousins. Landen, Joshua, Hunter, and Peyton. Hunter doesn't quite fit in with his dark, curly hair.

Oh, Hunter does love his suckers.
Easter morning. Momma and Hunter

Family picture. All 4 of us.

After church and lunch, Mimi and Papa hid eggs in the front yard and let the boys pick them up. Apparently, Hunter was thinking very hard about finding those eggs.

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