Saturday, October 30, 2010

Those Holloway Boys are Growing!

Hunter is growing like a weed. He is so smart and curious. He weighs 30 lbs now. He's our skinny boy!
  • He loves baseball. He can play for hours. I am so impressed with his hand-eye coordination. He likes to hit and pitch. He hits the ball, throws the bat down, and yells, "Homerun!" He cheers for the Rangers every time they are on tv. He chants "Let's Go Rangers" while clapping (and sometimes spinning too!)
  • He loves books and cars. He enjoys watching Dora and Mickey Mouse Choo-Express and Road Rally.
  • He is a back seat driver. On the way to church the other day, he told his daddy to "drive with both hands." He also likes to tell us to "go" which doesn't always work because there are other cars around. He knows that red means stop and green means go. He likes to tell his daddy to drive faster.
  • He loves "mac'n" (macaroni and cheese). Anytime we ask him what he wants to eat, that's his answer. Lately, he has been telling us "Me not like that" before he tastes it. Stinker!
  • His new game is getting as many blankets and pillows as he can and pretending he is in a train, boat, airplane, helicopter, etc. He often wants one of us to ride with him.
  • He adores his baby "bruddah". He loves helping and tends to stay right in Tanner's face. The other day, he made a boat in our room. I had put Tanner in his vibrating chair while I was busy doing something. I looked away for a second and looked back and Tanner was no longer where I set him. I found him in Hunter's boat. It scared me to death and first but then we got a good laugh out of it. Hunter was very careful when he picked brother up and moved him. (He showed me how he did it!)
  • Hunter says the funniest things. Here are a few of his recent sayings: "What you do that for? (All questions end in "for" right now") Example: H: Momma, what you doing? Me: Talking to daddy (on the phone) H: What you talking to daddy for? Me: Just telling him I love him. H: What you doing talking to daddy on the phone telling him you love him? Ha! Also, "Are you happy?" We hear this especially when he thinks he is in trouble. At lunch the other day, he got in trouble for something and he asked his daddy, "Are you happy?" Daddy responded, "Yeah, Buddy, I'm happy." Hunter then asked, "Why you talking to me for?" (meaning, why are you talking to me like I'm in trouble?) It is so hard not to laugh when he says things like that when he is supposed to be in trouble!
  • Hunter is a potty trained boy! He won't even go in his pull-up on road trips. We have to pull over on the side of the road for him to go.
I am so in love with this kid. He is a joyful kid with a precious giggle and love for life. God blessed us beyond anything we deserve with our Hunter. We are blessed to be his momma and daddy.

Tanner is our chunky monkey. At 4 months, he weighs 13 lbs 11 oz. and is 25 inches tall. He has great big eyes and long eyelashes. His smile lights up his whole face. He is a content boy and patient. Lately, he has had a big meltdown about 9:00, but it isn't too bad. He is a momma's boy right now (I hope that doesn't change too much!) He rolled over (front to back) for the first time on his 4 month birthday. I probably tried 20 times to get it on video, but stubborn boy wouldn't do it again. He enjoys his bouncer and swing and loves being held. He sleeps like a champ. He's a big boy with great thighs and cheeks. He is a long boy. He wore a Halloween onesie that Hunter wore at 1o months and it was only a tiny bit too big! He's got long feet too. What a joy this boy is!

I am one proud momma of two beautiful boys!

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