Monday, August 8, 2011

Holloway Summer Vacation (1st Leg)

We recently got home from a very long family vacation- our first as a family of four. We spent the first weekend of our trip in Arlington. Hunter and Jimmy went to Six Flags while Tanner and I went to Heidi and Daniel's wedding shower. That evening, we finally made it to a Ranger game. Thank you, Michael Young, they won! We had a blast. Hunter loved every minute of the game. He got to play in the kid's area for the first time and hit a homerun (of course!) Hunter led the crowd in several rounds of "Let's go Rangers". Tanner clapped and danced and ate a ton (as usual). What a wonderful start to our trip!!!

Watching David Murphy in the field. This boy loves his Rangers.

Hunter and Captain. What a cool experience for H!! Look carefully, Hunter has his red socks pulled up to his knees, like David Murphy.

I love this cheese face boy. He is such a sweaty baby, but loved every minute of the Ranger game. Cute boy!!!

Thank you God for fun, family time and amazing boys.

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