Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Vacation Part 2

We drove from Arlington to Mobile, AL then Mobile to Miami. We had a great time visiting Jimmy's family. Hunter kept them busy with all of his playing. We got to go to the beach while we were there. What a fun time! Hunter got in the water, but didn't like the salt so he spent most of his time on the beach with Mimi and Papa. Tanner loved the warm water and stayed with mom in his float for a long time. We had sand everywhere! Jimmy's cousin, Matt, lost his wedding ring in the ocean so we looked for that for awhile, but the water was so warm that it wasn't too bad looking for it (with no success). The weather was great. We thought there might be rain, but it stayed away so we could play. I'm so thankful that my boys got to enjoy the beach and the ocean since we don't live close to one.

Thank you God for sweet memories made with my boys.

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