Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Vacation Coming Home

On our way home from our time in Florida with Jimmy's family and our fun-filled trip to see Mickey Mouse, we stopped at the Battleship Alabama in Mobile. It was a hot day. The ship was fascinating. Hunter had a fun time running around and climbing through the doorways and peeking into the rooms. He really liked the bunks. There was also a room full of airplanes that Hunter really enjoyed. Momma carried T in the front carrier. It has been awhile since I used this thing. Boy, he's a lot heavier than he was the last time I used it, but this was much easier than carrying him. Jimmy is a history buff so he really enjoyed this little adventure. The best part was that we were on our way home. Seeing the Welcome to Texas sign was wonderful! Just one more hotel and then home.

I never truly appreciated hotel swimming pools until this trip. What a great way to burn some energy after being in the car for long periods of time. The boys were amazing travelers. Tanner cried for about 30 minutes. That's it. I never imagined they would do so well. We were well stocked with movies and toys which made the trip easier for them. We had lots of "Let's Go Rangers" chants led by our sweet Hunter. Tanner even joined in!

They decided to lock us all up. It's a good thing we escaped! Hehe!

Daddy and Hunter letting everyone know that they were there. Very cool! I think I have over 300 pictures from our trip. I have just picked a few of my favorites for the blog. I would love to share them all because there are so many memories in those pictures. Love

Thank you God for a wonderful trip to see family, sweet memories, and most of all, my boys.

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