Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Try this Again.

To say that I have fallen off the blog train is an understatement. I see the website when I open my internet, but don't dare open it for risk of reminder that I have just quit. When I think about how diligent I was to record H's records and funny stories and realize that I haven't done that with T, it makes me a little (really, a lot) sad. I have two amazing boys that I love spending time with. I adore them to no limits. So, I'm going to try again. I don't know if anyone reads this, but it is record of my boys' lives for me.

Tanner Steven is 20 months and a busy boy. He is a complete hoot. He loves making people laugh. His vocabulary is booming (momma, daddy, bubba, Yia (Wyatt) and Dizie (Dixie), milk, Mickey Mouse (mou mou), ball, bat, pass (pacifier), night night, bye bye, an assortment of animal noises, goldfish, shoes, socks, pants, etc.) Tanner's favorite word is "no." I was listening to him during naptime through the monitor and heard him repeatedly saying, "nooooo, noooo". I have no idea what he was doing. He loves to dance. He does this crazy Chris Farley dance that I adore. He loves his Bubba. If you ask him his name, he will tell you "Ba-bo" (Brother) but will not say Tanner. He goes to school two days a week. He loves to eat and looooves drinking milk (malk). He loves bedtime and it's no fight to put him down. As long as he has his paci and blue blanket, he will laugh, snuggle in, and go right to sleep. It's actually pretty cool! Tan gives the best kisses and hugs. Tanner loves, I mean really loves, wearing shoes. He has a pair of Texas Ranger sock/shoes that he wears all of the time, even on top of his footed pjs to bed. Yes, he likes to sleep in shoes. He is already showing a love of sports. He gets excited to see basketball on tv and wants to play baseball with his brother. Tanner weighs about 25 pounds and is all boy. What a true blessing to his momma. Oh, and he is a momma's boy through and through.

Hunter James, where do I begin? This is a crazy, funny, loving, sweet boy. He never ever turns down hugs or kisses. He talks all of the time, really all of the time. He loves to snuggle and be held. His daddy is his best friend. Whatever daddy does, Hunter wants to do. He has started T-ball recently and is really good, which is not surprising considering the hours of practice we have put in over the past few years. His first game is next weekend and we are all so excited. He is on the Red Raiders and that makes him happy. We start soccer this week with the Bigfoots. He is also in Karate/Gymnastics (but that may have to be dropped with everything else) We have signed him up for Pre-K next year. He loves books and wants us to read to him. He is beginning to show signs of being ready to read himself. He loves counting things. His sense of direction is crazy. His memory blows our minds daily. He says the funniest things. Most recently, he told me that he is smarter than Mickey Mouse. Well, of course he is! He loves the National Anthem but calls it the Afra Anfra. He asked the other day as we were driving, "If we crash and the crane comes and picks us up, will it tickle?" Where does he come up with these things?! He makes up crazy stories too! Hunter loves costumes. He can't play a sport in the living room without the correct jersey and equipment. He likes to dress like a pirate, fireman, policeman, pilot, soldier, Elmo, baseball player, football player, hockey player, and more. Hunter is pure joy. He smiles and laughs all of the time. Love pours from every pore of his little body. H weighs about 35 pounds and is all legs. Can you tell that this momma adores him? Nothing melts me more than when he tells me I'm his best friend (even though I know it's daddy) and I get a random "I love you" with a huge hug. Hunter's love language, without a doubt, is physical touch.

I know that I'm missing all kinds of funny, sweet, information about my boys. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here, trying to get some memories written down. I wish I were better at this. We have had so many sweet memories lately, I wish I would've written them all down. Hopefully, this is a new start and I will be better at sharing my thoughts on my boys.

I am one blessed momma.

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