Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summertime and the living is easy

One of the things I like about being a teacher is that I get to spend my summers and holidays with my boys.  It's wonderful thing to be able to play all day and not worry about work.  I am so blessed.  People ask what we've been doing this summer and the answer is usually. . . not much!  We sleep in, eat a little breakfast and lunch, and most importantly play, play, play (in the words of Hunter).  Sometimes we run errands.  Sometimes we go to the pool.  We eat lunch with Daddy at least once a week.  Truly wonderful and there's more wonderful planned!  We are loving life!

Here's a few highlights from our summer so far:
We celebrated our precious Tanner's 2nd birthday with friends and family with a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.  What a fun time!  Burgers and cake at Granna and Pops.  Swimming in the hot tub.  Playing baseball with cousins.  Most of all, celebrating the life of a sweet boy who melts me with his big smile.  Who is stubborn through and through.  Who loves being like his brother and is a true momma's boy.

Jimmy and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in June so we took an adult only trip to Mexico.  We had an amazing time floating the lazy river right outside our door, eating amazing food and enjoying hanging out with each other.  We can't wait to go back!

Hunter said goodbye to his best buddy this summer.  Max moved to West Virginia so we took the boys to Joyland so they could hang out one last time.  I think I was as sad (or more) knowing these two wouldn't get to play together anymore.  They were such sweet friends.

I got to take a girls' trip with my mom and sister this year to NYC.  We had a great time eating great food, shopping, and seeing shows.  As much fun as we had, I was so glad to get home to my boys.  Jimmy is a super hero for being on his own for 4 days.  They went to the park to play baseball, went to work with Daddy and had lots of sno-cones and slurpies! :)

There is still more to come which is so exciting!  It's been super busy but super fun! I can't wait to see the blessings that God has in store for our little family as we finish our summer!

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