Monday, August 25, 2008

We Made It!

I've been back at work for a week and Hunter and I are doing fine. I actually did a lot better than I expected. I cried a little before I went back, but once inservice started, I was okay. I think about Mr. H all of the time. I have my digital frame sitting on my desk filled with pictures of my sweet family. If someone walked in during quiet times in my days (which are few and far between) they would think I was crazy talking to the frame on my desk! I just can't help it!

Hunter is doing great with his Granna. We are still working on getting a new schedule going. Naptime has been a struggle. Mr. H doesn't think he needs one, Granna thinks he does. What to do?! I get to go see him at lunch almost everyday which is a joy and blessing.

One day, I walked in after school. Hunter and Granna were playing on the floor. When I said hi to Mr. H, he grinned a big fat grin and put his toy down and came right to me. He pulled up on my leg (so big) and I grabbed him. He gave me a big fat juicy slobber kiss. (He gives the best kisses!) That made my day! He is such a happy kid! We are so blessed.

Thank you for your prayers as I went back to work. I could definitely feel them covering me. I think we'll make it!

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