Monday, September 1, 2008

A Long Hard Night

First, I am thankful for long weekends, mountain rains, and time with my family.

That being said, the Holloways had a little bit of a rough weekend. Saturday morning, Mr. H woke up about 3am feeling a little warm. We were in Ruidoso having a really nice long weekend, but sleeping in a pack n' play is not nearly like sleeping in a nice crib. Momma crawled in the bed in Hunter's room and we "slept" until about 7 with Mr. H on Momma's chest. Hunter had a bit of a fever. We all figured he was teething so we called the pediatrician and started medicating the poor baby. He did pretty good until Saturday night. About bed time, Hunt's fever went back up. When we took his temperature (the fun way) we realized that 103.5 is not teething. He was way more cuddly than usual. Okay, maybe cuddly isn't the word to describe it. He was just lethargic. He is normally such a busy busy boy. All he wanted to do was lay on Daddy's chest. Not normal in any way shape or form! Momma went into worry-mode. We called our good friend Dr. Happel and woke him up (Thank you Chris!). Momma, Daddy, Hunter, and Granna took a trip to the Ruidoso emergency room. We were the only ones there but it still took way too long to get back. The nurse was very sweet with Hunter (once they realized we were there and waiting). The doctor (from Great Britain and not real easy to understand at midnight!) came in immediately and checked my sick boy. Diagnosis: double ear infection, sore throat, and teething. Not fun for my little guy! He got a big dose of tylenol, followed by a wait. Then a big dose of motrin, followed by another wait. Then he got another big dose of amoxicilan. We then had to wait for his fever to break before they would release us. I got the sweet boy to go to sleep and finally, the sweat came. We left the ER about 2:00am Texas time. What a night!

Thankfully, Hunter is starting to feel better. His fever went back up a little today, but we were in the car driving home. He slept most of the way home and is now sleeping soundly in his bed like a big boy. His temperature is 99.3. Praise the Lord! That number was a big relief for Momma and Daddy. We are glad to be home, safe and sound, with a sweet baby boy on the mend.

There is nothing worse for a Momma's heart than a sick baby.


Becky said...

girl I completely understand and sympathize with you. That is NO fun at all. Sometimes I wonder if the momma has a harder time than the baby! :) I'm so glad he is doing much better. Although that picture just makes your heart melt - he looks so sad and miserable. Poor guy! Give him big kisses from Jorja - maybe that will make him feel better. Always works for me! :)

Bonky's Mom said...

I'm so sorry! What a stressful night...Poor Hunter! And poor Mama and Daddy! : (