Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Fair Time

One of our favorite things about fall is the fair. We almost always go to the South Plains Fair and the Texas State Fair. We took Hunter to his first fair on Tuesday. What a fun experience! I love being with Hunter watching his expressions and interest in new things. He was very content throughout the evening.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit how much Jimmy and I ate in a short amount of time, but, man, was it delicious! Corn dogs, an apricot fried pie (the reason I go to the fair), Jimmy had roasted corn, we both had the best lemonade in the world (Jimmy's was strawberry lemonade), we split a funnel cake, and candied/carmel apples. I even got another fried pie for breakfast the next day! Yes, we were sick when we left but it was totally worth it. No worries though, our sweet boy had green beans (not fried, of course) while we ate away at the fried food.

There were these robot guys walking around dancing with music blaring. Hunter was quite interested in these strange beings. The face he is making in this picture was a common one throughout the evening as he saw new and exciting things. He wasn't quite sure what to think! He had an awfully comfortable ride though! This is Momma and Hunter standing in front of the Midway. I can just imagine him begging to ride some of the rides in a few years. How fun will that be?! The sun was still up while we were there so Mr. H didn't get to see the night lights of all of the rides.

One of my favorite things was taking Hunter into the petting zoo. Although there just a handful of animals in there, we thought it might be fun for our guy to experience it. He spends his day with 5 dogs so he learned to pet gently at an early age. Hunter got to pet a baby duck and a goat. The emu didn't care to have anything to do with us. As you can tell, Hunter wasn't terribly impressed with the baby duck. Maybe Momma and Daddy were more interested than the kiddo!
As we were getting ready to head out, realizing we had seen all we came to see and eaten all our stomachs could handle, we saw that many of the people walking past us were looking at the stroller and grinning. As we assumed, Mr. H had sacked out. Enough excitement for one night! (Here is proof that we try to be good parents, please note the green beans left on the tray!)I couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful West Texas sunset. We have had so many pretty nights lately. These are my wonderful guys and a great sunset. Who could ask for more? What a great night. We are so blessed. I love being with Hunter to experience all of his firsts. I just can't wait for him to be able to experience the wonderful fair food too! Ha! Of course, that will have to wait quite awhile.


Becky said...

oh I LOVE it!! And girl, don't you dare apologize or be embarrassed by the amount of food you ate - that's the whole reason you go to the fair!! At least that's the only reason we go! :) Last year when we took Jorja she was way too young to even know what was going on so I consider this year her first year. I can't wait to take her to the petting zoo too. Although, I fear we will be the same as you and enjoy it more than her! HA! I love that you guys took him and hope we get to experience the state fair together!! Oh, and you are definitely a better mom than me cause I can't wait to let Jorja eat her first fair cornydog! :) LOVE YOU! (sorry so long)

Becky said...

oh, and that picture of you and Hunter is awesome. You look AMAZING!!