Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a Big Boy

Hunter has promoted from baby to a big boy over night! Today was Mr. H's first day of "school" (PDO). He gets to go to school every Wednesday with Momma and play with his new friends all day long! He did well today. His note said that he was happy. I tried not to sneak downstairs and check on him too much. I did take snacks for the teachers. I'm not above bribing them to love my kiddo! :) I loved being able to go downstairs at lunch, grab him up, feed him, then show him off to my friends. I love any time I get to show my kid off!

Daddy met us at school for Hunter's first day of school. He went straight to his teacher and didn't look back. He had an easier time than Momma! I have to admit that I cried a little bit after dropping him off. This is such a big thing in my little guys life. I am so thankful that God has put me in a place that I can have my sunshine in the same building and I can see him during the day. I am also so thankful that Hunter's Granna loves keeping him the rest of the week. We really couldn't ask for a better situation! Blessed all around.

I went in at lunch and Mr. H was sitting on the floor with Miss Amber while the other babies were sleeping. He woke up a little early for his nap. I like to think he was just so excited to see me he couldn't sleep! Ha! After school, he came to me and grabbed my face and gave me big old slobber kisses (my favorite kind!) What a welcome. Hunter was pooped! He fell asleep on the way home from school and went to bed very easily. I would say our first day at school was a success!

Hunter and Miss Amber playing.
(I didn't want to come in and get a closer shot in case he got upset!)


Becky said...

i have a feeling you don't have to bribe anyone to love on your sweet Hunter! He seems pretty darn loveable to me all on his own!! I think this is so wonderful that you get to do this for Hunter. He gets social time and you still get to see him throughout the day! It sounds perfect! You are an amazing mom, Kristen! Hunter is so lucky to have you!

karis said...

Hunter is such a BIG boy!!! I bet he alrady has the girls in his class chasing after him.