Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Happy Belated Halloween to all of Hunter's admirers.

We had the most precious baby in the whole world for Halloween. He had not one, but two, yes two Halloween costumes. Can you say spoiled?! Not my baby! During the day, Hunter was a giraffe. He got to go to Toys R Us with Granna and Sassy. They even marched with Geoffrey in the Halloween parade. Big giraffe and little giraffe how cute! Momma met them when she got off work. What a fun time! Then we went and Trick or Treated at Moe and Grandad's house. They were waiting. They knew that Mr. H would be by sometime. He was one pooped little guy by this point. Still precious though! Click here to view Giraffe Hunter.

Halloween night we went up to our church for the fall festival. On to costume #2, the tiger. Most of the games were too big for our little guy but he seemed to have fun anyway. We spent a little bit of time in the preschool booths. Hunter played with the rubber ducks and dug in the plastic balls and played a little basketball. No candy for baby yet. Momma did take a few pieces for herself though (shh, don't tell!) Our favorite part was taking Hunter down to get his face painted. He sat so still in Momma's lap as he had a nose and whiskers painted on his face. Hunter's friend who painted his face said it was the most fun face she had painted all night.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! Hunter and Andie and their Daddies.

To wrap up the night we went and Trick or Treated at Granna and Poppa's house. Aunt Jody came over the see Mr. H. He is truly the most precious baby in the entire universe. Have I mentioned lately how blessed we are?!

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