Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wreck 'Em Tech

Go Tech! Hunter has learned to clap. He was a great sport!

Tonight was Hunter's first football game. We thought it was appropriate for Hunter's first game to be the Tech vs. Texas game since we are a "house divided". Hunter did really well with all of the noise and excitement. He took it all in. We left the house about 4:30 and had dinner in the Red Raider Club, got settled in our seats and had about an hour to take it all in. Hunter made it about 10 minutes into the game and sacked out. How he could sleep with all of the noise is beyond my comprehension! What a mad house! It was an electric atmosphere. Easily the most exciting game I've ever been too! Aunt Sassy came and picked up the kid and put him to bed. Just too much excitement when you are 10 1/2 months old! Texas played really well. It was a close game. I might have an ulcer now because of the stress and nerves in the fourth quarter. Tech managed to pull it out in the last second (literally!)

Guns Up! Hunter and Momma!

A House Divided
**We have season tickets. Jimmy may look like a Tech fan, but he was secretly cheering for Texas. We must keep the peace in our section. Not everyone is friendly toward the enemy, sadly.

You can probably tell that Kristen wrote this post and Jimmy had no input! For Jimmy's sake, I will put a very tiny "Hook 'Em" way down at the end of the post to keep a little peace in our household. :)

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