Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of "School"

Today, my sweet Hunter started his first day of "school" in the Early 2's class. He is too big! He woke up early and had breakfast, put on his new shirt with his name on it ("H is for Hunter" with a "sorse" (horse) on it. So very Hunter!) We packed his lunch, backpack, and nap mat and headed to school. Momma and Daddy walked H in. Daddy had to carry his backpack because it was too big and heavy for H. It knocked him over when he tried to walk in the building. We helped him put his things under his choo-choo name badge. Then we took the beloved first day of school pictures with the new supplies, and the very proud Momma and Daddy. We walked him down to his early class, since mom has to be there early for Bible study. He wanted to fuss a little, but one of his teachers from last year grabbed him up and he did great! The teachers at his school LOVE him and think, just like we all do, that he is just the greatest thing alive! (Okay, maybe that's a small exaggeration!)

I checked on H about 9:00. He was playing and happy and cute as can be. His class was getting ready to go to the playroom, so I sat at the top of the stairs so I could watch him go without being seen. Yes, I am the obsessive mom! His class walks through the building on a rope with plastic bracelets/rings tied to it for the kids to hold on to. H did not want to hold his ring. His teachers kept gently reminding him to hold on. I think he finally figured it out. I loved the look he gave them. It looked like he was telling them that he was just fine walking on his own and he didn't need a rope. So silly!

All of my worries about the napmat were worthless, just like everyone said they would be. I went by during my lunch break and he was sacked out, lying crooked on top of his mat. I asked if it took much to get him down. Apparently, his teachers just reminded him he had to stay on his mat and he fell asleep on his own. Yea! I'm so impressed. I really wanted a picture through the window, but I didn't dare wake him. No more lunch dates with momma, I guess. It's okay though because I can sneak peeks at him whenever I can. I love it!

Hunter had a great first day at school! Thank you God!! He came home in a great mood!!

Daddy and Hunter before school.

Hunter and Momma

Hunter's super cool backpack

On a completely unrelated note, I have graduated from my cake decorating class. Tonight was our last night. Hunter's Granna and I had a fun time learning from this funny little lady at Hobby Lobby. Here's the final cake I did. Jimmy said it was tasty.

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ashley said...

way to go hunter, and way to go mama! sounds like you both did great!