Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Putt-Putt

A few weekends ago, we decided to do something fun with Hunter, so we decided to take the kiddo to Putt Putt. He likes hitting balls here at home, why not there, with the greens and animals. Sounds like fun! Well, it was a hot, still day. Surprisingly, there was little wind so it was HOT! We had a great time on the first 4 holes. Daddy showed H how to hold the club and swing. Hunter ran after his ball and picked it up and put it in the hole. All great fun! Then, Mr. H had a meltdown about hole 5 and he didn't want to play any more. Our Putt Putt adventure turned into a game. What can we do to make this fun for Hunt? He loves throwing balls so let's try to roll/throw the ball toward the hole. It worked for awhile. Thankfully there weren't many people there so we could take our time or hurry. I love any time that I can spend with my boys, fussy or not (Hunter that is, not Jimmy of course!) I'm pretty sure that I would have won if we had kept track of our strokes. I had mostly holes in 2, but I believe I did have a hole-in-one. (Don't tell Jimmy. He might think he won, but I'm pretty sure it was me!)

Daddy showing Hunter how to golf.

Hunter sitting in front of the pretty waterfall.

I loved this picture. They did this on their own. My precious boys.

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Tara said...

Our boys need to play golf together one day.... :)